Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer Before My Spouse?

Should I hire a divorce lawyer before my spouse? We get asked this question ten times a day. When divorce is lurking, this question is one of the first you ask yourself. The answer is typically no. Filing first means you are the plaintiff and she is the defendant. This doesn’t make much of a difference in most divorces.

However, there are some situations where filing first can make a difference in your divorce. Living in different states is one of those situations. If you live in Henderson, Nevada and she lives in another state you might want to file first to keep the case in Nevada.  For a full discussion on whether to file your divorce first you should read Should I File For Divorce First.

This is not the only question you are going to have, it’s just typically the first. If you are like most people, you have dozens of questions. The questions typically fall into one of five categories; divorce process, child custody, child support, division of property, and spousal support. Questions regarding the law are normal when going through such a life changing event. You want to know what is going to happen next. Getting answers and understanding what happens next is part of the “medicine”. Answers and knowledge of what lays ahead eases some of the distress and anxiety you are feeling. You need a team that is superbly knowledgeable of the law to help you through this process.

We know our main job as divorce attorneys is to answer your questions. Let’s start easing some of your anxiety by answering the most common legal questions we get as divorce lawyers.

Divorce Process
Dividing Property
Dividing Property
Child Custody
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For the last 15 years we have focused on divorce cases, legal separations and custody matters. We have 4 attorneys with a combined experience of more than 40 years handling these type of cases. We have two locations, Henderson and Las Vegas. We charge a fixed fee instead of hourly. We have one purpose; to help you get through your divorce or custody matter.

A top divorce lawyer can make all the difference between an easy divorce or “divorce war 3”. You will meet attorneys who are only interested in collecting fees. The more antagonizing they can be the more hourly fees they can charge. We are only interested in helping. It’s one of the reasons we charge a fixed fee instead of hourly.

Take a look at our customer reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook, or Avvo. Our passion and commitment to help can be seen in our long list of satisfied clients.

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Need to take the next step? Call us and schedule a consultation. A consult takes about an hour. During the consult an attorney takes the time to learn more about your situation and to discuss your options. If a consult seem too serious, a good choice is to download our Divorce Guide. The guide will explain more about the divorce process, provides legal jargon definitions, and answer more questions.


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