Child Custody

When parents cannot agree on custody arrangements, Nevada law dictates that a family court judge will have the authority to resolve these disputes and issue final custody rulings. Given that reversing these final rulings can be very challenging, having experienced legal representation as soon as these disputes arise can be crucial to successfully resolving them and obtaining favorable custody awards.

Types of Custody in Nevada

With child custody issues, there are two types of custody that Nevada law provides for – these include:

  • Physical custody, which pertains to the parenting time each parent has with a child (or how much time a child will live/spend with each parent)
  • Legal custody, which refers to the authority that each parent will have to make significant decisions regarding the wellbeing, health, education, etc. of the child.

Physical custody and legal custody can be split down the middle between parents, or they can be divided in any way that the Court sees fit. The underlying motivation for driving custody decisions, however, will generally be what is in the child’s best interests.

The Nevada Custody Process: How Our Henderson Child Custody Lawyers Can Help You

When you trust our Henderson child custody lawyers to oversee your case, you can rely on us to efficiently guide you through the custody legal process, which usually entails:

  1. A paternity hearing – If paternity is a disputed issue in a custody case, the court can order the alleged father to undergo DNA testing to establish paternity.
  2. A temporary hearing – This will put some short-term arrangements, schedules and obligations in place as a divorce or custody case is proceeding. In fact, given that it can take as much as eight weeks in some cases to resolve custody issues in court, putting a temporary arrangement in place for the interim can be necessary.
  3. Evaluations – Depending on the circumstances of a custody case, the court may order parents and/or children to undergo various evaluations, such as social work evaluations and/or mental health evaluations. The outcomes to these evaluations can be crucial to the final decisions rendered in custody cases.
  4. A trial – This will be the time for both parents to present their cases and arguments regarding their preferred custody arrangements. At the conclusion of the trial, the judge will issue a final ruling.

Henderson Child Custody Lawyers at RIGHT Lawyers

Do you need experienced help resolving a custody dispute? Or do you need help pursuing a modification of child custody? If so, it is time to contact the experienced Henderson child custody lawyers at RIGHT Lawyers. Our esteemed attorney can help you protect your rights and interests in custody cases while helping you obtain the best possible outcomes.

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