Child Support in Henderson & Nevada

Child support laws in Henderson and Nevada state require that both parents of a child provide adequate financial support to care for that child until the child turns 18 years old (i.e., becomes a legal adult). This generally means that, when child custody issues arise, they can naturally give way to child support issues.

Determining Nevada Child Support Obligations

Unlike some other areas of family law, child support matters are usually clear-cut in the eyes of the court. This is because there are specific formulas and calculations that are used by the family courts to determine each parent’s child support obligations. With these formulas and calculations, the most important factors in them are generally:

  • The number of children involved – Naturally, when there are more children associated with a custody case, the support obligations will increase.
  • The physical custody arrangement – Specifically, whether this arrangement is for joint or primary custody. With joint custody, there will be an offset, based on both parent’s income, and parents should not assume there will be no support obligations just because physical custody is split. With primary custody, the noncustodial parent will typically pay support payments to the parent who has primary custody.
  • The monthly income of each parent – This will include any wages, commissions, bonuses, benefits, etc. each parent takes in on a monthly basis.

Calculating Nevada Child Support: The Percentages 

The following table points out the specific percentages of income that will usually be apportioned for child support payments, based on the number of children a parent has.

Table showing child support calculation

*With an additional two percent added for each child above the fifth one.

Child Support Modifications

Although final rulings regarding child support will remain in place until a child turns 18 years old, there are occasions when the court will grant modifications of child support obligations. In particular, such modifications may be an option if or when a parent has:

  • Experienced a drop in income that is at least 20 percent
  • Been laid off
  • Lost his or her job due to factors outside of his or her control (in other words, was not fired from his or her job due to misconduct/poor performance).

In order to get such a modification, however, a parent must file a Motion for Recalculation of Child Support with the family court.

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