Contested Divorce In Henderson

Contested divorce refers to cases in which separating couples disagree about one or more issues in their divorce case.

While the disputes of contested divorce cases commonly stem from property division, support payment obligations and/or custody matters, when such disagreements arise:

  • The contested divorce case will have to proceed through the family court system, where a judge will oversee the resolution of the divorce dispute(s).
  • Having a skilled and seasoned divorce attorney on your side can help you protect your rights and interests in contested divorce cases.

At RIGHT Lawyers, our Henderson divorce attorneys have been dedicated to providing divorcing parties with the highest quality legal services for more than 14 years. This means that we have the experience, insight and resources you can rely on to help you resolve your contested divorce case as favorably as possible.

What to Expect from a Henderson Contested Divorce: An Overview of the Process

In Nevada, contested divorce cases generally proceed through the following process:

  1. One party files a divorce complaint with the court.
  2. A copy of this complaint, as well as summons and a joint preliminary injunction, is served to the other party in the marriage (who may also be referred to as the respondent or defendant).
  3. The defendant will have 20 days (from the date on which (s)he was served with a copy of the complaint) to respond to or answer the divorce complaint.
  4. The first court appearance takes place. Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, this appearance or hearing may involve:
    1. Putting temporary motions in place (like temporary custody or support payment orders in place)
    2. Discussing mediation
    3. Scheduling discovery
    4. Setting a trial date.
  5. The contested divorce case is presented in court, with each party having the opportunity to present evidence and arguments for his/her side.
  6. The family court judge will issue a final divorce decree, after which each party will have 30 days to appeal or file a notice of reconsideration. It’s important to note here, however, that divorce or custody appeals are rare. If they are granted, however, the case will usually be remanded to a lower court with instructions.

Contested Divorce: More Important Info

  • Contested divorce cases are usually more complicated and take longer to resolve than uncontested divorce.
  • As a result, contested divorce cases tend to cost more money.
  • Although some divorces may start off as uncontested cases, it’s not uncommon for these cases to become contested divorce cases when sensitive matters – like finances and child custody – are discussed.
  • Being represented by an Henderson divorce lawyer at RIGHT lawyers can help you bring your divorce case to a successful resolution as expeditiously as possible, allowing you to focus on the next chapter of your life.

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