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Vegas Website Sheds Light on Infidelity, Unfaithful Partners

2014-12-05_16-49-51Cheaterville.com, a Las Vegas-based website, is a place where people can submit and/or search for information about unfaithful partners. First launched in February 2011, Cheaterville.com claims to promote fidelity “within the world’s largest cheaters database.”

In modern times when the Internet and social media can play an important role in the development of extramarital affairs and infidelity, websites like Cheaterville.com can be important sources of information. In fact, as some research has indicated:

About 22 percent of married men have had at least one affair during their marriage.
Infidelity is a factor in roughly 3 out of every 4 divorces in the U.S.
Social media, including Facebook, is cited in about 1 in every 5 newly filed divorce cases in the U.S.

As James McGibney, the founder of Cheaterville.com, has explained:

The way we look at it, we’re a blogger repository… we’re a central repository of information. That’s no different than someone blogging on CNN.com or another website. You can’t control the content that’s on there. You just try and do your best to filter it…There are so many sites on the Internet that promote infidelity, but where can someone go to find out if their significant other is cheating? There really is no place.

Henderson Divorce Attorney Stacy Rocheleau sees the value in websites like Cheaterville.com, explaining that sites like these can be helpful for people who want to follow up on their own suspicions regarding possible infidelity in their relationships.

“I thought it was a very interesting concept,” Rocheleau has stated. “If someone’s going to date, and there’s someone out there who’s being unfaithful, maybe they want to know that for their relationship in the future.”

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2014-12-05_16-46-32Medical Marijuana Can Impact Child Custody Cases, Attorney Stacy Rocheleau Warns

Medical marijuana is a contentious topic, particularly when it comes up in child custody cases. This means that people who hold medical marijuana cards and who have children may want to carefully assess why and how often they use this drug, Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Stacy Rocheleau has explained.

In an exclusive interview with the Las Vegas Sun this past April, Rocheleau answered some important questions regarding medical marijuana and child custody cases.

Q – How can someone’s use of medical marijuana effect a child custody case?

A – “Judges have a lot of discretion in any case where there are children involved — they’re going to look at the mental and physical case of a parent who has a medical marijuana card. What gave rise to having to get one? What’s the dose? And how impaired are they by taking the drug? Those are some of the factors.

It’s just like any other drug — if it impairs the parent in any way, it can affect the child. Parents might need to have a supervised visitation. You’ve got a judge that’s got a lot of discretion, and you’ve got some people with legitimate diseases.”

Q – Why is medical marijuana such an issue for custody cases if it’s legal?

A – “It’s a pretty big deal, and it’s something that we’re preparing for by making our clients aware that they need to be honest with us. The judges will send them out right away and tell them they’re not allowed to have any visitation if mandatory tests come back dirty.

It’s a really tough issue. I think the purpose, overall, of medical marijuana is to legalize a certain amount so that you can escape criminal liability. That’s really what it was designed for — yes, you’re not going to be charged criminally and now you’re allowed by law to use this. Before it was illegal, and now it’s not. But you can still be an unfit parent.”

Rocheleau went on to explain that, “it’s going to be a really interesting issue as it develops and marijuana becomes more mainstream — we’re still at the forefront of it. I don’t know that everyone who can benefit from medical marijuana is using it for good or has taken advantage of it.”

Q – Is it possible for judges to figure out when people are using marijuana recreationally (instead of for medicinal purposes)?

A – “There are potential abuses within the system, and judges are really going to be ferreting out suspicious cases.

Don’t think that just because you have a card, you can smoke marijuana and have custody of your kids. It’s just not that easy.

It’s still a process, and judges are going to be looking at parents very carefully because there are children involved. If they even think someone got a card with an illegitimate doctor and they think someone is using marijuana to get high, they’ll rule against someone. These judges are smart.”

Q – What has been your experience with medical marijuana and child custody cases?

A – “We’ve had people before who have tested dirty, and they’ll say they have a card but then they never show it. Or they’ll try to get a card after the fact. That might make it OK for the police, but it’s not OK for the family court judge.”

Rocheleau continued, “it’s like alcohol. If you’re drunk every day, you should not be around your children. I think that’s what people are kind of missing. They think that because it’s legal, it’s OK. There are a lot of things out there that are legal but not OK. That’s the standard: What is in the best interest of your kids?”

Q – What would you tell parents who use or plan to use medical marijuana?

A – “Have a good, bona fide doctor that is treating you for a real disease that you need the drug for.

I don’t know if people are just going to expect to get a card for recreational use. If that’s what you’re doing, then don’t expect to have custody of your kids. You’re either going to choose your kids or choose marijuana.

Ask yourself: Are you on the right dose? How much are you using it, and how is it being ingested? Are you smoking it, eating it — how are you ingesting it?

I would tell people to treat (medical marijuana prescription) cards very carefully — it’s not your golden ticket.”

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2014-12-05_16-49-05Southern Nevada Internship Programs Offers View of Medical Providers’ Experience

An internship program sponsored by the Clark County Medical Society provides people with the opportunity to see the business side associated with running a medical practice in Southern Nevada. Held twice every year, this internship program allows local business leaders, journalists, legislators and legal professionals to shadow medical professionals for a half a day to a full day in order to observe them interacting with patients and dealing with the business side of their practices.

Because most people only visit with doctors when they are sick, they typically have a “patient” perspective; however, by participating in this program, people can get a first-hand look at the issues that impact many medical providers and the back-office challenges they regularly deal with.

As Keith Brill, president of the Clark County Medical Society, has explained in regards to this internship program:

It’s a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of a medical practice and get to see a glimpse of what the world of medicine looks like from providers point of view. I kind of look at it like someone who goes on a cruise and there’s a behind the scenes tour like to go see a bridge.

I’m not saying we’re as fascinating as a cruise ship, but people are intrigued by it but most don’t get a chance to go see what it’s like…For community leaders to see how the process works for a doctor’s office, it gives them an idea of what it’s like to practice medicine.

Participants’ Reactions to the Internship Program

Positive experiences and a greater appreciation and respect for Southern Nevada doctors seem to be just some of things that the participants in this program have taken away from it.

As Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Stacy Rocheleau has explained of her experience shadowing a maternal medicine/fetal medicine doctor, “it was mind-blowing… I could never imagine all of the information these doctors have to have in their brains going into every single appointment. They’re running so fast from patient to patient. It’s amazing the amount of knowledge that they have and what they know and all they know about the patients.”

Rocheleau continued, “the level of patient care and the connection doctors have with patients is really neat… I always heard the joked that if you want a good doctor, go to the airport. There are so many good doctors that are really committed to the good practice of medicine and their patients. They put their patients first. It really did change my perception of our physicians in Southern Nevada.”

Michael Rocheleau, marketing director at RIGHT Lawyers, was also impressed by the experience he gained from the program, explaining that “We hear people say they don’t like the school system and you read about that in the papers… it’s the same thing with doctors. You hear we don’t have great doctors and we don’t have this and we don’t have that. We are not Los Angeles or San Francisco but individually there’s some really good doctors, and the program taught me that.”

2014-12-05_16-50-46Divorce in Nevada: A Perspective from an Experienced Nevada Divorce Lawyer

Are Nevadans divorcing at a greater rate than the rest of the country? If so, why? And, if you are considering filing for divorce in Nevada, what should know before entering the courtroom?

Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Stacy Rocheleau joined a panel of distinguished guests to discuss these topics with National Public Radio in June 2014. Here are just some of the noteworthy points brought up by Rocheleau in this discussion.

Is it easier to get a divorce in Nevada than in other states?

Rocheleau – “It is. The reason that I think it is is because of our jurisdictional period – the six weeks. And I think that’s why most people in the [1930’s] would come here and stay six weeks… You have to live here for six weeks prior to filing the complaint whereas, in most states, this is six months.”

What are the first things you ask a client who comes to you about divorce?

Rocheleau – “How can I help you? What are you looking for? Have you talked to your spouse about the divorce you are here about?”

What is the best advice you can give to people who are considering filing for divorce in Nevada?

Rocheleau – “To educate themselves before they go through the process. To know what they are looking at and what they are facing.”

How should people educate themselves?

Rocheleau – “I would look at the financial background – know what you make, know what you earn, know what assets you have, what bank accounts are out there, what retirement plans are out there because all of that is going to determine your financial future once you separate.”

In your experience are clients usually making a rational decision about divorce? Or is it more impulsive?

Rocheleau – “There are a lot of emotions that go along with divorce… it might be an impulsive decision, but a lot of times it’s been stewing and brewing in the background… I would say a lot of times it’s usually an emotional trigger that breaks the camel’s back.”

Do you feel that you have to give personal advice as well as legal advice?

“Yes. I’m an attorney and a counselor… it goes along with the territory. It’s an emotional process.”

While you can hear the full interview and more interesting facts about divorce in Nevada at NPR, you can receive help pursuing divorce and successfully getting through the process by contacting Stacy Rocheleau at (702) 608-3139. Stacy Rocheleau and all of the experienced Henderson divorce lawyers at RIGHT Lawyers are dedicated to helping people get through divorce as favorably as possible so they can focus on the future and moving on with their lives.